January 9, 2016


The Philadelphia Robotics Expo (PRX) began in 2011 when Philly Tech Week contacted Central High School’s robotics coach Daniel Ueda, suggesting that we host a high school robotics expo to inform young students about robotic engineering. Central High School teamed up with Drexel University, a proud sponsor of Central’s RoboLancers, and arranged the event at the university’s Athletic Center.

PRX was free and open to all visitors. Elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools were invited to explore many different aspects of engineering and robotics. During the 2011 expo, Drexel and the RoboLancers teamed up to educate visitors of all ages. The RoboLancers brought in their previous BEST and FIRST competition robots to give visitors an example of student-designed and -built robots. Visitors were also allowed the unique opportunity to operate these robots on their own.

Additionally, workshops and stands were set up during the entire expo. Some workshops offered instruction on basic engineering using K’Nex pieces for younger students, while other visitors who had a greater understanding of engineering were instructed on the concepts of basic and advanced programming. These visitors were also given the opportunity to use VEX lab kits to explore science and engineering principles using their creativity and problem-solving skills. The response to the First Annual PRX was beyond the expectations of both Drexel University and the RoboLancers.

The Second Annual PRX received an even greater positive response from the public. In addition to new workshops that were added  to the event, professionals were invited to speak on their respective topics and fields. RoboLancers hope that PRX will be an on-going engineering exposition that provides unique and diverse opportunity to explore a scientific field significant to our future. The expo will inspire the innovative minds of today’s youngsters and tomorrow’s engineers.

The Third Annual PRX, as expected, was a huge success. Held at Drexel University for the third time, it was an exciting day of workshops, FIRST Robotics scrimmages, demonstrations from companies such as Boeing and LEGO Education, and various key note speakers. With over 800 students from around the city attending, the event continued to grow off of the achievements of the previous two expos.

For the Fourth Annual PRX, the RoboLancers teamed up with The GRASP Lab of the University of Pennsylvania to host the event at UPenn. The event included tours of robotics labs at UPenn, workshops, the exhibitor hall, Participation in FIRST Robotics Scrimmages, and Seminars from UPenn and Drexel Professors and Grad students.

The Fifth Annual PRX, hosted by the RoboLancers and UPenn’s GRASP Lab at the Singh Nanotechnology center, brought STEM exhibits, demos, keynote speakers, and workshops to hundreds of attendees.

The Sixth Annual PRX was held at the Singh Center for Nanotechnology and Levine Hall by the RoboLancers and UPenn’s GRASP Lab. At the event, we held numerous workshops, an exhibitor hall, and tours through the robotics labs.

The Seventh Annual PRX was hosted by the RoboLancers, who partnered up with the University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP Lab to hold the event at the campus’ Singh Center for Nanotechnology and Levine Hall. During the event, we held a scavenger hunt in our exhibitor hall, tours, workshops, and classes for our attendees.

Our Eighth Annual PRX continued on the mission to introduce students of Philadelphia to the world of STEM. Due to the schedule shift by the School District of Philadelphia, the event was held in the Fall of 2018 at the Singh Nanotechnology Center and Levine Hall. With this shift, more attendees were able to participate in the event, which helped bring the total to about 360 visitors. This year’s PRX included our signature exhibitor hall and various workshops focused on the world of STEM.

We hope that PRX will continue to be an event where students from all around the city of Philadelphia can come and be inspired by robotics and STEM education.

All individuals, school groups, community groups, and professionals interested in STEM fields are invited and encouraged to sign up and attend this event!